For Graduate Students

Several advanced graduate level electives* are available to students interested in jet engine propulsion, including:

Aero-Thermal Fundamentals of Turbomachinery Components

Aero-Thermal Fundamentals of Turbomachinery Componentsnow available!


Week Subject
1 Introduction to Turbomachinery, Review of Compressible Flow,
Flow with work Exchange
2 Euler Turbomachinery Equation, Velocity Diagrams, Energy Exchange
3 Understanding Efficiency, Dimensional Analysis
4 Simple Stage Analysis of Axial / Radial Compressor, and Turbines
5 Simple Stage Analysis of Axial / Radial Compressor, and Turbines
6 Degree of Reaction, Compressor Inlet Guide Vanes, Non-Isentropic Radial Equilibrium
7 Degree of Reaction, Compressor Inlet Guide Vanes, Non-Isentropic Radial Equilibrium
8 Centrifugal Compressors Design (Inlet Guide Vanes, Inducer, Impeller Passage, Vaneless Space, Diffuser)
9 Axial Flow Compressor Design (Inlet Flow Selection, Streamline Analysis, Blade Element Performance, Radial Equilibrium)
10 Compressor Blade Element Performance: Howell, Lieblein Design
11 Loss Mechanisms in Turbomachinery
12 Loss Correlations– Incidence, Solidity, Aspect Ratio, Chord, Camber
13 Aerodynamics of Axial Turbines (Preliminary Annulus Design, 2D Aerofoil Design, Blade Stacking)
Dynamics of Rotating Machines

Dynamics of Rotating Machines


Week Subject
1 Introduction to Rotordynamics
2 Jeffcott rotor (symmetric on isortropic supports), damping int. ext.
3 Jeffcott rotor on anisotropic supports, f/b whirling, critical speed
4 Asymmetric Jeffcott rotor, asymmetrical mass, asymmetrical stiffness, on symmetric and asymmetric supports
5 Torsional vibrations, coupling transmissions, coupled bending and torsion
6 Stodola-green model, linear and angular deflections, gyroscopic effect
7 Signal processing, fft, specgram, order-resampling, examples
8 Balancing: rigid rotor, flexible, effects of asymmetry
9 Bladed discs, flexible discs, mistuning
10 Finite element modeling of shafts with rigid disks
11 Magnetic bearings, PD control
12 Laboratory demonstration 1
13 Laboratory demonstration 2


*Available also to senior level undergraduates

Advanced Electives

Advanced Electivescoming soon!

We are preparing to offer several new advanced electives according to student needs and interest, including Heat Transfer in Turbomachinery.

Other potential new electives will be in areas such as combustion, advanced measurement techniques, or rocket and jet propulsion.

Do you have a particular area of interest? We want to hear your input!

Component Design Course - coming soon!

Component Design Coursecoming soon!

We are preparing to add a new course in component design, within the framework of learning how to use a turbomachinery design software such as SoftinWay.

Check back soon for updates so that you can add a valuable tool to your knowledge set for a career in industry or in academia!

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

To better serve the educational and research needs of undergraduate and graduate students in jet propulsion, we are planning a complete overhaul of the infrastructure of the jet propulsion laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment.

This refurbishment is currently scheduled to take place through 2020.

Low bypass turbofan engine testing