For Undergraduate Students

Jet engines I

Jet Engines Iupdated course!

Undergraduates who enroll in Jet Engines I receive a comprehensive and engaging introduction to the field of jet engine propulsion, with recently completely updated subject material (see below) and guest lectures from leaders of industry and the Air Force of the IDF.



Week Subject – New Syllabus Subject – Old Syllabus
1 Thrust Equation Jet Engine, Ideal and Practical Brayton Cycle
2 Jet Engines Thermodynamic Thrust Equation
3 Engine Architectures Efficiencies of Engine Components
4 Component Efficiencies Turbofan Engine, Mixing Flow
5 Introduction to Compressors & Turbines Power Turbines
6 Velocity Triangles and Euler Turbomachinery Equation Inlets
7 Alternate Form of Turbomachinery Equation and Degree of Reaction Axial Compressors: Velocity Triangles, Compressor Stall, Start-up Problem, Compressor Performance Map
8 Combustion Chambers Centrifugal Compressor
9 Introduction to Engine Design Process and Auxiliary Systems Combustors
10 Introduction to Fuel and Control Systems Turbines: Degree of Reaction, Turbine Blade Cooling
11 Introduction to Materials & Manufacturing Processes. Nozzles
12 Jet Engine Dynamics and Vibrations Component Matching – Methodology
13 Typical Failures of Jet Engines (Creep, Fatigue, Stall, Bearing Failure, Seals), Life Analysis Engine Performance, Operation at Design and Off-Design Points


This course will next be offered in Spring 2019.


“Jet Engines I is a great intro course that covers everything from the fundamental thermodynamic jet cycle to analysis of a real engine. The guest lecturers were especially exciting because of their unique industry perspective.”

-Aerospace Engineering student, Spring 2018

Jet engines II

Jet Engines IIcoming soon!

Jet Engines I is just not enough!

Due to popular demand, Jet Engines II will offer students who have completed the introductory course, with a deeper dive into jet engine propulsion.

The new curriculum will emphasize creative problem-solving and experimental-based active learning, supplemented by more guest lecturers.


This course is anticipated to be first offered in Spring 2020.

Advanced Propulsion Laboratory

Advanced Propulsion Laboratoryupdated course!

To enhance this laboratory course, we have added advanced propulsion laboratory field experiments in the facilities of our industry partners.

The first set of field labs took place in January 2019 at our partner, “Bet Shemesh Engines”. In addition to participating in four hands-on experiments working with fuel pumps, fuel flow meters, oil pumps, and engines, our students participated in a behind-the-scenes tour of the company factories.

To better serve the educational and research needs of students in jet propulsion, including those who take this course, we are also planning a complete overhaul of the infrastructure of the jet propulsion laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment. This refurbishment is currently scheduled to take place through 2020.


This course will next be offered in Spring 2019

Senior Level Electives

Senior Level Electives

For senior level undergraduates, also see the Advanced Electives section in the section for graduate students.

UAV Senior Design (7/8) Project - new opportunity!

UAV Senior Design (7/8) Projectnew opportunity!

Do you want to build a cutting-edge drone with a highly regarded member of industry?

This year we have launched a brand new undergraduate senior design project with our partner in industry, “Rafael”. Under the expert supervision of an instructor from Rafael who is incorporating theoretical, practical, and experimental methods, this three-year-project will culminate in the building of a jet engine-propelled UAV.

We encourage current second- and third-year undergraduates to consider applying for the UAV design project as their 7/8 project in 2019 or 2020.

We are reaching an exciting stage in the project because we are about to receive a new engine, which will allow us to verify the theoretical models we have been building. I am really eager to see in action how the theory actually works in a real engine.”

-Current 7/8 project student, December 2018. For more details…

Scholarships and Prizes

Scholarships and Prizes

We support the desire of talented students to study jet propulsion, regardless of financial need.

See below for a list of scholarships available in the field, which will be continually updated. We are also in the process of creating new scholarships and travel grants for undergraduates, to be offered for the first time in 2019.

Stay tuned for more info!

Current Scholarships:

The Jacob Glezer Scholarship in the Field of Turbomachinery – $5,000 for eligible senior year undergraduates. This scholarship will next be offered in Fall 2019. We encourage current third-year students to review the details and prepare to apply in October.